Eye Illusion Studio

We’re in an era where audio-visual is the most eye-catching way of communication. Videos make complex ideas way simpler. Just imagine a painstaking read about a company’s profile, products, services, etc. We make it simpler by reaching to its roots and then figuring out a way to make things phenomenal.  Our well curated animation asset , makes your business model even more appealing.  And what better way than animated  videos to make your business grow and prosper.


Why us?

  • We’re passionate storytellers who transform your business ideas into eye- catching infographics ensuring maximum brand recognition & ROI. 

  • Our team of expert 2D & 3D animators, scriptwriters, designers, and technical associates will help you portray your brand identity, products and services with creative flexibility and efficient workmanship!

  • Every animated element is carefully crafted in our high-tech animation studio with advanced software combined and our imaginative brains 

  • You get high-impact explainer animated videos and we make sure we’re worth every penny!

  • Lastly, because we are great at what we do.

Because we work with many corporate and brands, EIS religiously follows the ‘Path of Video- Marketing.’ Our sole purpose of existence (apart from creativity) is to attain the aim of video-marketing goals.

We follow a holistic approach consisting of techno-creative fusions, market research. We take care of the finest details because customers are of utmost importance to us.


We Always Have A New Design For Your Projects