The internet is flooded with videos every single second. It is true that many of those videos are of no value, but we can say that people understand the demand for videos.

A study predicts 80% of the total internet traffic to be videos by 2021. Take a look at the graph below to find out about the increasing demand for mobile video.


You are missing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not harnessing the power of videos. There are many types of videos that can help you to achieve your goal.

You must have observed many YouTubers uploading talking-head videos on their channel. Now the question is, “Why explainer videos out of all the choices?”

Here are some facts related to explainer videos:

  • Insivia found that an explainer video is the most effective way to communicate the concept of the new product to your potential customers.
  • Around 45% of the businesses use explainer videos on their homepage, and they are happy with the result.

In today’s digital world, you have to convey your offering in an innovative way that truly inspires your target market. But How? Do you know?

The answer is Yes! It’s simple by getting an “explainer video”. Explainer Videos are both informative and educational and also communicate best what your company offers. Watch this cool video to know more reasons for choosing explainer videos for your business.

The most important thing of Explainer videos which makes it more popular its simplicity. Moreover, it also helps to enhance the conversion rates as 81 percent of people believe to buy a product/service after watching an explainer video on the website.

In this playbook, you will get a clear insight about explainer videos, its importance along with the steps you need to take for creating and getting a massive return on your explainer videos.

What’s an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a small animated video that focuses on explaining various types of sophisticated problems, business and product/service concepts to others in a simple way. It simplifies the complicated theories and breaks them down into many simple ideas that are easy to digest.

Just imagine how boring it would be if we start lecturing about the black hole in a traditional fashion. I guess most of you can relate what I’m trying to convey. Thus, explainer videos allow organizations to convey the message that the viewers want to hear.

So, if you also want to enhance your retention rate by clarifying the unfamiliar ideas, then explainer videos will help you to fulfill the demands in a succinct way.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

There are numerous major and minor reasons for publishing explainer videos. It is a fantastic tool that works like a charm for both internal and external communication.

Now, without any further reasons, let’s have a look at some reasons why organizations prefer choosing an explainer video.

1. Grabs Audience Attention

Attention in today’s day and age is an asset. It is incredibly challenging to get a notice of people. According to a report, we found that the attention span of human beings is now even less than a goldfish.



How to get the attention of your targeted audience in a time when advertisers bombard them with advertisements? The answer to this question is an enticing video. An explainer video is an incredibly powerful tool that helps to get the attention of viewers.

Our brain gets more attracted to entertainment videos than traditional web content. When your mind looks at a compelling animated video, it commands you to watch it. It is because it awakens your curiosity and offers you an exciting medium to understand new concepts.

However, it is not the case with TV ads as your brain already associates it with tedious interruption, trying to push a product down your throat.

Furthermore, embedding a video in your blog does not even slow down the page load speed like flashy images and other bulky items.

2. Easy Explanation of Complex Topics

We cannot explain every single product easily as it also includes some technical products like software, specialized equipment, and so on that need detailed explanation.

The users will definitely make the purchase of the product if they understand the use of it. Thus, you should also give them strong reasons to spend their hard-earned money on the product.

One survey found that around 98% of the people learned something after watching an explainer video. Thus, start using creative and exciting images, characters, etc. to make your audience to understand the importance of your products and services.

An animated explainer video is an effective medium to bring your character into a real-life situation that links to your brand. Your audience will have fun watching your characters facing problems and how they solve that problem, thanks to your product/service.

Our brain processes visuals 50,000 times quicker than texts. As you are promoting a product and service, it is a better option to let your audience go through the content that they can quickly process and understand.

3. Increase Web Traffic SEO

Embedding a video can significantly increase your web traffic. What is the most critical factor that determines the success of your online business? It is traffic. If there are no viewers in your site, it will cease to exist in the future.

Google loves videos. If you search for any term, you are most likely to see the list of videos on the first page of the search result. Your page will get a lot of love from Google, and you will witness a spike in organic traffic if you integrate a top-notch video in your page.

The search engine users are 50% more likely to find your site if you integrate a video in your content. Furthermore, the users will spend more time on your page if the video is interesting. That will give more positive signals to search engines, leading to a boost in your rankings and organic traffic.

A great thing about organic traffic is that the viewers that you get from search engines are highly targeted visitors. What this means is that there is a higher chance to engage them with your content and buying your products if it provides value to them.

Furthermore, around 1 out of 4 online purchasers said that they search for YouTube videos online before making a purchase decision.

4. Restores in Consumer’s Mind

There is no point in publishing content if the users do not get what you are trying to convey with it. The retention rate of the explainer video is mind-boggling. According to one of the stats , the retention rate of an explainer video of less than a minute is 77%.

If you give out an immensely valuable message with your video, the chances of them taking action will increase. The explainer video will not only break down the concepts for your audience, but it will also stick to your viewers’ minds. You get a lot of Return on investment from an explainer video template.

In addition to understanding and retaining, your viewers will share what they have learned due to a higher retention rate, leading to valid word-of-mouth promotion.

5. Appeal to Mobile Users

More and more internet users are shifting to devoting more time on their smartphone. The smartphone is so capable these days that you can do almost everything what computers can do (applicable for regular users).

Additionally, mobile users appreciate the explainer video. The size of the content is crucial when we are dealing with smartphone users. The explainer video perfectly fits on the mobile screen, giving them a great user experience. Like we saw at the starting point of this article, the demand for mobile video is tremendously increasing.

High-Quality video content is an excellent fit for mobile users also for any editing purpose you can use the video editing apps.

6. Skyrocket your Conversion Rate

Another massive advantage of publishing an explainer video is the boost in the conversion rate. Having an explainer video on the top of your landing page can significantly improve the engagement and sales.

Here we found that a landing page with a video can boost the rate of conversion up to 80%. Do remember that uploading a crappy video will not work. Instead, it will ruin your brand image. You need to integrate an alluring product explainer videos to get great results.

However, if you devote some time creating a video or outsource the task to a reputed agency or a freelancer, you will see an increase in conversion rate.

7. Connect and build a Relationship

People resonate with a video more than written content. That is the reason why a great video manages to get so many views in a matter of a few weeks.



Building a relationship is vital in the world of digital marketing. You cannot expect a sustainable income without having loyal followers who trust you and your offering. Those loyal followers are the ones who purchase the product from your company regularly.

A survey shows that repeat customers are more profitable than new customers and they spend more money on your business. Moreover, a repeated customer also comes out as your brand ambassador. They continually recommend your brand to others, which leads to more sales.

8. Higher chance of going viral

The explainer video is not limited to your content page. You can distribute the videos to various video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. These social media platforms make it easy for users to share the video.

Having a great video means a higher chance of being viral. Once you have a viral video, your reach will significantly improve along with the number of leads and sales.

Thus, make use of videos to enhance your online presence and improve your business sales.

9. Suitable for Social Media, Blogs, and Emails along with TV ads

We have seen how videos get viral in social media platforms, and we have discussed how embedding a video can increase the time on site. As per the analysis, inserting a video in an email helps to increase the open rate by up to 13%.

Another study found that around 93% of the businesses increased their sales because of posting a video on social media platforms. You can use the explainer video for TV ads as well. It has multiple uses.

Are you excited to avail of the benefits, but don’t know how to create appealing explainer videos? Need note fret! You can consult the best video making companies that offer excellent services at best prices.